Hello, I’m Ida.

I’m passionate about UX and innovative design.

Axure Layout

Onboarding interactive prototype example using Axure.

Axure project on iphone xr - Onboarding

Outreach Email Layout

Outreach communications with customers and those interested in the architecture profession.

Craigslist Re-design

Craigslist is an online company founded by Craig Newmark initially seeking to assist organizations in fact-checking, consumer protection, and technology for the public good. It has since evolved into a multi-dimensional website with features like marketplace, career and community postings.

Beat.box Branding

Scenario from General Assembly Visual Design course: Beat.box is a start up company founded in 2014 aiming to help introduce others to great music and create an exciting new way to discover and create new playlists.

Proposal Form Design

This program is one of the organization’s newest developments seeking to streamline the path to licensure.

Youtube video on browser

Promotional YouTube Video

A Short Preview of a 10 minute video I creation while I was an intern at Neighborworks America in the summer of 2012.